Visual artist



Cataract (2019)


6 channel surround sound work (5.1 output) for a room installation or cinema/theatre
(File above in stereo mp3-format)
9:53 min. to be looped
Sound design by Rikard Strømsodd

Cataract takes its departure from old, undeveloped film rolls I have inherited from my grandfather. The work is based on the sound images I heard when I visited the films using the Remote Listening technique, an adapted version of Remote Viewing which was used in intelligence by the CIA in the 1970s – 1990s. Through this practice one can get impressions and information from distant and unseen places and/or targets using extrasensory perception or “sensing” with the mind. The sound images in Cataract are mostly realistic “sound photographs”, where photographic qualities, technique and process play a crucial role in how the sound images are built up.