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Cataract - Work residency and Test listening at BEK


In the period of February 27th –  March 2nds I will be on a work residency at BEK - Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts, together with sound designer Rikard Strømsodd. Together we will develop the new sound work Cataract, and test out solutions for how the sound images can surround the viewer in the exhibition space.

Welcome to the test listening of Cataract Friday March 1st 12.00 at BEK!
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The sound work Cataract is based on some old, undeveloped film rollsI have inherited from my grandfather. The work is based on the sound images I heard when I visited the films using the Remote Listening technique, an adapted version of Remote Viewing which was used in intelligence by the CIA in the 1970s – 1990s. Through this practice one can get impressions and information from distant and unseen places and/or targets using extrasensory perception or “sensing” with the mind. The sound images in Cataract are sonic “photographs”, where photographic qualities, technique and process play a role in how the sound images are built up.

Cataract is one of three new works for my solo exhibition opening at Visningsrommet USF in Bergen March 29th. The exhibition revolves around the photographic film rolls which for many years has been sitting in the cartridges exposed but undeveloped. The photographs that were taken bear witness to something that took place and which it was worth taking pictures of. But only when the stories are told do they begin to exist. Based on unexposed film rolls and old camera equipment, memories, imagination and the already written history are tied together. How unreliable is not both the memory and the photograph? And how can one evoke the invisible photograph?