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Talk at Noua about artist-run exhibition spaces

On November 14th I visited Atelier Noua in Bodø, to give a talk about my experience with artist-run exhibition spaces as an artist working with photography, and to be part of a panel with Randi Grov Berger (Entrée) and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverrbakk. Read more about the event here, and check out the amazing things Marianne and Dan are doing at Noua!

”Over the past decades numerous artist-run exhibition spaces have been established across Norway and Europe, initiated with a desire for financial, geographical and technical flexibility. These spaces have rapidly become recognised as important arenas for displaying young contemporary art, as the independent and dynamic aspect has proven successful with artists as well as audiences. Have these new platforms for art changed the way todays artists produce their work?” - Noua

Photo: Dan Mariner/Noua

Photo: Dan Mariner/Noua