Visual artist


Survival Kit for the Age of Technology

In June I was part of this greatly inspiring workshop at BEK - Bergen Center for Electronic Art! Together, we made a video book to be put in a Survival Kit for the Age of Technology.


”We wade around in terminology, technical gadgetry, new and old habits of communication, all of which have been spawned by technological developments. There have been so many new developments in such a short span of time, that we have not yet come to a conclusion about what the whole of it means in practice, theory or interaction between ourselves. We may all have felt – at work, in one’s private life, in all relations that we are a part of – that our understanding of technology is not enough. What it means to us and what it does to us is not easy to get an overview of, especially if we are up to our knees in it.  Our time is scary, frustrating and can move in many directions. What should we know, what should we do and what ought we to master?

With this as a starting point we will make a video book together; a Survival Kit for the Age of Technology. The video book will be co-created by artists, creatives and experts suggested within Future DiverCities (FDC) for this LAB at BEK.

This LAB is a follow-up of last years seminar Survival Kit for The Age of Technology. The “mining” we did then resulted in experiences, artistic outcome and most important: three lectures that is advising us on what we need to have in our Survival Kit for The Age of Technology. The lectures exist as texts and as a live streamed and captured video that is accessible on BEK-Vimeo. Participants in this years LAB will create artistic and discursive context based on this material. The format is time based and will be created as video chapters. The video book will be made with the production facilities at BEK, and with the assistance of videographer Paul Johannessen and artist Anne Marthe Dyvi.”